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  • The GuildFTPd team

  • Forum Update Jan-21-11 5:59 pm
    Author: Jesper
    Due to the increased amount of spam we have been hit, we (I and Nitro), have decided to make the forum readonly, meaning that you can no longer post in ANY sections... Blame the spammer morons.

    Today I deleted more than 5000 topics and deleted around 1500 members.
    All members with 0 posts, suspicious names and identical join dates has been purged, I may have deleted some innocent members too during this process, I am sorry about that.

    Registration has been changed from email verification to admin approval.

    Use the search function, you are likely to find your answer that way.
    (0) Replies

    News update Aug-21-08 2:04 am
    Author: Jesper
    I talked with Nitro the other day about the progress of v1.0, he doesnt have much time on his hands, he is tied up with his work at Rockstar Games, he works too many hours a day, but he has not given up on making GFTPd v1, otherwise he would not keep paying the hosting bills for this site either.
    When or how far he has come is yet unknown to me, as we did not get a chance to chat for a very long time, he was at work.. (the darned 12 hours timezone difference).

    Ps, the bastid bought a Dogde Viper !! Evil or Very Mad
    (4) Replies

    Forum registration Jun-26-07 12:34 pm
    Author: Nitro
    For some reason, the user registration was broken on the forums; this has now been fixed.

    Please come back soon for an update on the progress of GuildFTPd.
    (3) Replies

    Spam Free Weeeeeeeeee Jan-08-07 6:10 am
    Author: Jesper
    Man it is great to have a spam free Forum, and we dont hope the measures we had to take to get that causes too many inconveniences for the people here and future registrants.
    (11) Replies

    Support Update August 8-2006 Aug-07-06 3:07 pm
    Author: Jesper
    I am going on vacation (Yes me) Smile and it is a Computerless vacation so I wont be around to answer any questions here or per email.

    I am expecting to be back by Sunday as I have to start work again by Monday.

    --Have a continiued great summer.
    (1) Replies

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